Review on centrosomes, cell cycle, and Wnt signaling

Review article written by Lukas Cajanek (our department) , Vitezslav Bryja (MU, Faculty of Science), and Igor Cervenka (Karolinska Institute, Sweden), entitled: The connections of Wnt pathway components with cell cycle and centrosome: side effects or a hidden logic? was accepted in Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.




Wnt signaling cascade has developed together with multicellularity to orchestrate the development and homeostasis of complex structures. Wnt pathway components are often dedicated proteins that emerged in evolution together with the Wnt signaling cascade and are believed to function primarily in the Wnt cascade.It is interesting to see that in recent literature many of these proteins are connected with cellular functions that are more ancient and not limited to multicellular organisms – such as cell cycle regulation, centrosome biology, or cell division. This paper summarizes the recent literature describing this crosstalk. Specifically, the authors attempt to find the answers to questions such:  1) Is the response to Wnt ligands regulated by the cell cycle? 2) Is the centrosome and/or cilium required for physiological Wnt pathway activation? 3) How do Wnt pathway components regulate the centrosomal cycle and cilia formation and function?

Full text can be accessed here or downloaded directly as a pdf file from the link below

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