Article indentifying kinesin KIF14 as a new regulator of cilia formation and function

Study led by Petra Pejšková from a group of Lukas Cajanek, entitled: KIF14 controls ciliogenesis via regulation of Aurora A and is important for Hedgehog signaling  has been accepted for publication in Journal of Cell Biology. This work shows for the first time kinesin KIF14 localizes to primary cilia and is required for its correct formation – cilia form at reduced rate in cells depleted of KIF14 protein, and those that form are shorter. Furthermore, cilia without KIF14 are not able to responde to activation of the Hegehog pathway. Finally, the authors identified deregulation of Aurora A kinase as being responsible for the cilium lenght defects.

Please see also a dispatch of this article or an interview with the first author (the latter only In Czech).