March 1, 2017


Question: Lost-and-Found (lost property)

Answer: To retrieve items left behind at Microscopy Hall or Seminar room, contact during working hours Dr. Daňková, MD (ring the bell). In case she is not present in Microscopy Hall, please ask anyone at the Department in the 1st floor.

Phone contact on Dr. Daňková, MD:  5 4949 3144

Question: Do I really have to attend all practical lessons?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are there any organizational measures to prevent spreading of COVID-19 applied at the Department of Histology and Embryology?

Answer: Yes, using the face mask (class FFP2 and higher) and desifection of hands are mandatory. Entry with any symptoms of a respiratory disease is not allowed. It is mandatory to report COVID-19 positivity, quarantine or isolation through the IS MU. When having a risk contact, it is highly recommened to get tested and join the teaching only with negative result.

A limited number of students can be present at one time in practical teaching, the rooms are regularly ventilated and surfaces are desinfected.The UVC germicide lamps are used for desinfection of the whole room.

Question: For some reason, I couldn’t attend the first practical lesson of Histology and Embryology. Do I have to substitute it? Where do I get information about the course organization? 

Answer: You needn’t to substitute the first practical lesson. Information about the course organization will be provided by your teacher. However you are supposed to self-study the topic of this practical lesson. Other important information, including topics of following practical lessons, are displayed on pinboards in front of the Microscopic Hall, or are available on webpages of the Department.

Question: For some reason, I can’t attend my practical lesson. What shall I do?

Answer: First, it is mandatory to be excused by your teacher (in all cases) and then to substitute the missing practical lesson. In other words, you will come with another group, self-study and elaborate a protocol. Protocol signed by the leading teacher is a proof of substitution. It is not allowed to substitute more practical lessons at once (in a single lesson).

Question: What are the conditions for getting the credits from practical lessons?

Answer: To get the credits, you have to 1) attend all practical lessons, or have all absences correctly excused and substituted, 2) present a complete set of signed protocols, 3) successfully pass final test.

Question: Is it possible to substitute a practical lesson anytime or is it necessary to ask for the term? Is it necessary to be officially excused?

Answer: Only one absence per semester is tolerated without the official excuse by the Study department. However, also this absence has to be announced, excused and substitution arranged with the teacher. Without previous arrangement with the teacher of student’s seminar group and the leading teacher of the practical where a student wants to do the substitution, the substitution is not allowed. It is mandatory to elaborate a protocol signed by the leading teacher of the practice where a student does his/her substitution. Online subsitutions are possible

Question:  Will be the exam terms of Histology and Embryology II available also during the semester or in the spring examination period only?

Answer: The exam terms will be opened in the spring examination period or in the extended examination period in summer only, according to the Schedule of Academic Year. Request for exam terms during “dissection weeks” cannot satisfied due to the teaching schedule of the 1st year.

For up-to-date terms please follow the schedule of the academic year.

Question: I have successfully passed the practical (slides) or written part (test) of the exam, but failed at the oral part. Do I have to repeat the practical and/or written parts in my next exam term (resit)? 

Answer: Successfully completed practical (slides) and written part (test) of the exam is valid also for the 1st and 2nd resit. However, if you have to enroll to the course again, you have to repeat also these parts.

Question: I have failed in the practical (slides) or written part (test) in the 1st (regular) and 2nd exam term (1st resit).  Can I proceed in my last, 3rd, attempt (2nd resit) directly to the oral part and skip the practical and written parts? 

Answer: To pass the exam, all three parts (practical, written, oral) must be successfully completed. Failure in any of the exam part results in the overall grade “F”.

Question: Are all the presentations from lectures and practical lessons available to students?

Answer: Presentation from lectures are available in the Study materials of the subject in the Information System (IS). However, it is up to the individual teachers if they make their presentations public. The whole content of the presentations from practices is available in the fully annotated online Atlas of Histology or other online resources prepared by the Department.

Question: I don’t understand the topic. Are there any consulting hours?

Answer: There are no official consultation hours, rather, you arrange consultations directly with your teacher.

Question: Where do I find contacts on teaching staff?

Answer: Webpages of the Faculty: here.

Question: Where do I find the syllabus, schedule and other important information?


For additional details see the Provision of the Head of the Department

Inquiries:  doc. RNDr. Petr Vaňhara, PhD., Dr. Anna Mac Gillavry, PhD.