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Master’s degree programmes

Organization of exams

Exam period is scheduled from May 18 to September 30 2020. Please follow the IS for further information. You will be notified when the exam terms are open or if the situation changes.

Organization of course of Histology & Embryology I

Contact teaching is cancelled until May 15.

Therefore, the study materials will be provided via IS. These materials will help you to study and to complete the course and get the credits even under the COVID-19 measures.

Any technical issues shall be reported to the teacher of the study group or Dr. Vaňhara.


Self-study of Lectures is voluntary. Every week, there will be a presentation available, accompanied with set of questions. The questions are not intended as a test, rather as a teaching aid that enhances individual understanding of topic. Therefore, do not send the answers, as they are dedicated specifically to your self-study.


Self-study in Practices is mandatory. It consists of passing the tests (ROPOTs) and elaboration of protocols.

1.  Tests:

There are short online tests (ROPOTs) ready for you in the IS. It is mandatory to answer 100% of questions, and finish the test until the beginning of the following week. However, the number of attempts is unlimited. ROPOTs have to be passed in the respective time window as they automatically close after the deadline.

2. Protocols:

In the beginning of every week, study materials will be made available in the IS. These tasks or materials will be elaborated into a protocol. The preffered was is to do a paper protocol, however, also electronic protocols are accepted, if the quality of content is  sufficient. Then, the pdf of the finalized and scanned (photographed) protocol must be uploaded into the Homework vaults in the IS. The filename must adhere to the template: practice no._UCO_name_study group.pdf. (e.g. 05_12345_JohnSmith_35.pdf). Protocols with other filenames, or composed of multiple files that are uploaded to the IS, will not be accepted and will be removed from the IS without noticication.

Your cooperation allows better organization and faster checking of your protocols. The protocol will be checked, approved and, if necessary, a feedback will be provided. These protocols will replace normal paper protocols elaborated in regular practices. Please keep also the paper form of the protocol.

Protocols have to be submitted in the respective teaching week. Protocols submitted after the deadline are not accepted. Deadline is set to Friday 23:59.

3. Your teachers can provide you other study materials, tasks or tests that can help you with learning. Elaboration of these materials, however, have not an effect on granting the credits.

Credits will be granted upon presentation of the complete set of protocols, and successful passing of all online tests.

Consultations and study materials

Consultations are available through Discussion Groups of the subject in the IS. It is recommended to use electronic study materials via Campus Library or Atlases available on the webpages of the Department. You can also join discussions in HistoClub on Facebook (search for HistoClub MED MUNI).

Further information

Provisions addendum (March 2020) by the Head of the Department.

RNDr. Petr Vaňhara, PhD.

Department vice-head

General Medicine


Histology and Embryology I

  • Spring semester
  • Syllabus of lectures and practicals EN/CZ

Histology and Embryology II

  • Autumn semester
  • Syllabus of lectures and practicals EN/CZ
  • Required knowledge to exam EN/CZ



Histology and Embryology I

  • Spring semester
  • Syllabus of lectures and practicals EN/CZ

Histology and Embryology II

  • Autumn semester
  • Syllabus of lectures and practicals EN/CZ
  • Required knowledge to exam EN/CZ

Oral Histology and Embryology

  • Spring semester
  • Syllabus of lectures and practicals EN/CZ
  • Required knowledge to exam EN/CZ

Provision of the Head of the Department on the rules and conditions applicable for practical training and for examining in histology and embryology EN/CZ

Protocol templates

  • Editable form  EN/CZ
  • Print template EN/CZ

List of exam slides EN+CZ

All students enrolled for the exam date have the opportunity to study the slides within an allocated time slot having a reserved microscope. Information on the allocation of the time slots can be found in the IS (see „Examination- examination dates“). If the capacity of the Microscopy Hall allows, it is possible to study the slides also in other time slots than those reserved for the particular exam date. However, the priority is given to students enrolled for that date.  It is also possible to attend the Microscopy Hall for self-study of slides during semester during all practical lessons. It is neccessary to report presence to Dr. Daňková. 

Virtual Atlas of Histology and Atlas of Cytology and Embryology are recommended complementary tools for study of slides. 


Special lectures from embryology and teratology

  • Spring semester (English only)
  • Syllabus of lectures EN
  • Autumn semester (Czech only)
  • Syllabus of lectures CZ


Inquiries: RNDr. Petr Vaňhara, PhD., MUDr. Irena Lauschová, PhD.