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Faculty of Medicine

  • Kamenice 5
  • 625 00 Brno, Czech republic
  • Loc: 49°10'38.243"N, 16°34'23.827"E
  • Phone: +420 549 491 111
  • Fax: +420 542 213 996
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Important Meeting Points and Junctions in Brno

Náměstí Svobody (square)
The main square of the city center, between the Česká (street) meeting point and the Hlavní nádraží (the Main Railway Station) meeting point

Masarykova (street)
Together with Česká (street) the most important street in the center, leading you from Náměstí Svobody (square) to Hlavní nádraží (the Main Railway Station).

Česká (street)
One of the main junctions, also a meeting point (we say „by the clock“ – there is a clock at the corner)
trolley bus 5 (to Mendlovo náměstí )
tram 5, 6 and 12 (to Hlavní nádraží)
tram 3 and 11 (also to Grohova and Konečného náměstí,)
trolleybus 32 (to Botanická )

Hlavní nádraží (the Main Railway Station)
Also one of the main meeting places and main junction
tram 1 (to Mendlovo náměstí and then to Výstaviště, Vinařská)
tram 5, 6 and 12 (to Česká street)
tram 9 and 12 (to Komárov)
night bus x95p (to Pavlíkova – close to the residence Vinařská, requested stop)

Mendlovo náměstí (square)
Another big junction
tram 1 (to Hlavní nádraží and the opposite direction to Výstaviště and Vinařská)
bus 5, 6 and 7 (to Česká and the opposite direction to Poříčí)
trolley buses 25 and 26 ( to Kampus Bohunice via Vinařská and the opposite direction to Konečného nám.)
night buses 97 and 98 (to Hlavní nádraží)

From/ to:

Campus BohuniceCampus Bohunice, Faculty of Medicine, Kamenice 5, Faculty of Medicine, Kamenice 5
From the Main Railway station by bus No. 60, 61 from the street Úzká (between Tesco supermarket and Vaňkovka shopping mall)
Trolley busses No. 25 from Mendlovo náměstí (Mendel square)

Airport Brno - City center
Bus no. 76 from airport to the Main Railway station stop (terminus).

Student’s Residence Hall Vinařská 5
Trolley buses 38 and 39, and night buses 95 stop in the street Pavlikova or Vaňkovo náměstí.
- Trolley buses 25, 26, 37, 52 and night buses 97 stop in the street Hlinky (the name of the stop is Výstaviště – hlavní vstup)Student’s residence hall Vinařská 5
- Tram 1 stops at the tram stop “Výstaviště—hlavní vstup”.

The map of Vinařská:

From Student’s Residence Hall Vinařská 5 to Faculty of Medicine, Kamenice 5
You can get trolley bus no. 25 from Lipova street stop to University Campus stop

University Campus Bohunice

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