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Why Study at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University?

  1. Excellent Conditions for Study in the Newly Built Campus
    The new campus offers a modern environment with the latest audiovisual equipment. A library with a large reading room and smaller, more intimate reading rooms is the heart of the campus. The users of the library have multidisciplinary and specialized resources at their disposal.
    Located in the immediate vicinity of the campus, a shopping and catering centre enhances student life and studies at the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. The Information System of Masaryk University, known under the acronym of IS, is recognized as World Class! Virtually paper-free, the IS informs and saves valuable time. Everything you need is at your disposal with just a click of a mouse.
    EUNIS 2005 Elite AwardInforum 2007Information System MU provides a large-scale electronic support for managing school- and study-related data (for further information, see Study and Examination Regulations of Masaryk University) and offers a wide range of administrative, e-learning, and communication tools.
    The history of IS MU goes back to 1999 when Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, started its development. The System, which is currently used by more than 30.000 users a day visiting more than 2.500.000 pages, hosts several hundred applications some of which allow students to easily manage their inter-faculty studies, create their own study plans, and schedule their credit-winning activities. It facilitates the students' operations in that it guides them the way that ensures they follow all the rules related to their studies and study plans. After being put into operation, the Information System of Masaryk University succeeded in removing queues from Offices for Studies (since the students can currently, for instance, enroll in terms and courses electronically), disposing of a lot of paperwork and making a lot of study-related acts easier.
  3. Top-Ranking Teachers Committed to Their work
  4. A High Level of Science and Prospects for Research and Development
    Masaryk University is an important scientific institution whose employees work on a great deal of medical, biomedical and biological top-level research projects. Students may get involved in research projects from their first year of study.
  5. Construction of the International Clinical Research Centre in Brno (ICRC) is scheduled to be initiated on the premises of St. Anne’s Faculty Hospital. This multifunctional medical technological park will create a platform for the Czech Republic to be engaged in international research and development projects.
  6. Possibility of Studying Abroad
    The Faculty of Medicine is a school much sought after by international students who have the possibility of studying here in the English language. Our students have the opportunity to participate in academic experiences abroad, as early as their second year of study. Also, at the Faculty of Medicine there is a active recognized student organization (IFMSI - International Federation of Medical Students Association), which arranges for vacationing student scientific and clinical practice both inside and outside the Czech Republic. Medical students in their 4th and 5th years of study have practiced in Austria and Germany, thanks to IFMSI organization. Currently there are over 130 positions available for students to practice at international venues.
  7. Recognized Prestige of Masaryk University Both Home and Worldwide

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