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Recent History

The foundation stone of the new Bohunice campus was laid on November 2004. This campus was designed for 5,000 students and 1,000 university teachers and research workers. The Medical School was to be connected by means of a corridor with the Faculty Hospital.

The first construction stage of the Academic Research and Instruction Area was completed on 17 September 2007. The Research and Instruction Area housed new institutions including the Departments of Biology (in part), Biochemistry, and Pathological Physiology. Later, the Campus Library, an Information Center, reading rooms, multimedia institutions, a bookshop, a fast-food restaurant, and a coffee bar were opened. Integrated laboratories had earlier begun operation on site in September 2005.

The second Bohunice campus construction stage was finished in the spring of 2010, and the Faculty of Medicine began its 2010/2011 academic year in the buildings at Kamenice 3 and 5.  Four other departments were founded at this time: The Department of Complex Oncology Care and the Department of Nuclear Medicine were established at the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, the Department of Pediatric Oncology was housed at the Children's Medical Center, and the Department of Traumatology became part of the Brno Trauma Hospital.

Presently, the Faculty has 55 clinical departments, 12 theoretical departments, 8 non-medical branch departments, 7 university centers, and 1 language center. During 2009/2010, the Faculty of Medicine employed a total of 100 professors, 109 associate professors, 465 assistant professors, 168 assistants, 3 lecturers, 3 scientific researchers, and 39 administrative officials.

Since 2018, the Dean of the Faculty has been Professor MUDr. Martin Bareš, Ph.D. The MU Faculty of Medicine, as a pedagogical and scientific research institution, is renowned for its  record of long term and extensive publication activity. The school’s goal is to occupy the forefront position among the country’s medical faculties. Currently, the Faculty is internationally recognized as a prestigious institute for higher learning, research, and development  focused on the needs of medical sciences and practice.


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