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Information on e-learning for students enrolled in international programs of general medicine and dentistry can be found in the „Education - Master’s degree programmes“ visit the link below.
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Education – Master’s degree programmes

Education – Master’s degree programmes

Our Mission

The Department of Histology and Embryology at Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

The mission of the Department is to advance the recent and longstanding education in medicine and life sciences with high quality instrumentation for research investigators in biomedical applications. That prepares our students for their medical profession ensured with modern and innovative approach. Biomedical research is realized in new-fashioned equipped laboratories (for stem cell and neo-tissue cultivations) supported by microscopy core facility that deals with state-of-the-art electron, fluorescence and high-content screening technologies. Our staff provides expertise across wide field of clinical, translational and basic research programs and takes advantage of the spirit of the collaboration with the academic and commercial spheres.

Our research teams

Studying different aspects of biology from molecules to tissues.

Aleš Hampl

Head of Department

Miroslava Sedláčková

Department Vice-head

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