New book “Guide to General Histology and Microscopic Anatomy” by Petr Vaňhara, Miroslava Sedláčková, Irena Lauschová, Svatopluk Čech, and Aleš Hampl was released!

We are happy to announce that brand new study tool, “Guide to General Histology and Microscopic Anatomy” was just released. The Guide is contains hundreds of original, high-quality microphotographs and electronograms, annotated with contemporary terminology, assembled into separable write-and-wipe panels. Available since March 2017 in the Campus bookstore.


New publication out!

A new paper has been published by Tomáš Bárta, Lucie Pešková and Aleš Hampl in Scientific Reports. The publication describes a new software tool for desing microRNA sponges, it also provides an experimental evidence of functionality of this tool. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short non-coding RNA molecules that regulate the expression of their target genes at Read more about New publication out![…]