September 10, 2019

Jan Křivánek

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jan_krivanekJan Krivanek, PhD, MSc

PI, Assistant professor

Phone                  +420 549 49 5112



Research interest

Our lab is focused on dental development, stemness regulation, regeneration, reparation and hard tissue microstructure. We are fascinated by fundamental aspects of tissue pattering, regulation of continuous incisor growth and healing processes. Finally, our research interest targets on development of new state-of-the-art approaches for regenerative medicine.


Team members

tereza Josef Lavicky, MSc – PhD student
PhD talent awarded (JCMM)
lucie Vendula Fridrichova, DDS – PhD Student
dj Marcos Gonzalez Lopez – Master Student, Longterm internship
(from Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid, Spain)
livia Adam Bogdanovic – Master student
Vladislav Rakultsev Vladislav Rakultsev – Bachelor student
Aneta Anna Dunajova Aneta Anna Dunajova – General Medicine student
P-Pool awarded (Support for talented Medical students enabling performing independent research work)
livia Magdalena Kolouskova – High school student (JCMM grant awarded)
Thesis awarded 6th place nationally, 2020



We are currently looking for motivated bachelor and master students with an interest in developmental biology and stem cell research willing to join a growing team of nice and friendly people, happy to work on cutting-edge topics and participate in international collaborations.


  • GAMU High risk/High gain individual research project: Understanding of tooth developmental trajectories as a novel approach for dental regeneration, 2019-2022. (PI)
  • Institutional support by Faculty of Medicine MU for junior researchers (2018, PI)
  • Support for high school student projects, SOC – JCMM (2019)
  • PhD talent JCMM award for Josef Lavicky, MSc (2020-2023)
  • Czech bioimaging grant (2019-2020)

Educational activities

Oral histology and embryology  (Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University)
Research activities in dentistry (Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University)

Selected publications

  • Krivanek, J., Soldatov, R. A., Kastriti, M. E., Chontorotzea, T., Herdina, A. N., Petersen, J., Szarowska, B., Landova, M., Kovar Matejova, V., Izakovicova Holla, L., Kuchler, U., Zdrilic, I. V., Balic, A., Marangoni, P., Klein, O. D., Neves, V. C. M., Yianni, V., Sharpe, P. T., Harkany, T., Metscher, B. D., Bajenoff, M., Mina, M., Fried, K., Kharchenko, P. V., Adameyko, I. Dental cell type profiling reveals new stem and differentiated cell types in mouse and human teeth. Nature Communications. 2020. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-18512-7 (in press).
  • Landova, M., Zahradnicek, O., Dumkova, J., Krivanek, J., Dosedelova, H., Kavkova, M., Zikmund, T., Gregorovicova, M., Sedmera, D., Kaiser, J., Tucker, A. S., Buchtova, M. Developmental mechanisms driving complex tooth shape in reptiles. Developmental Dynamics. 2020 Apr; 249(4):441-464.
  • Vijaykumar, A., Ghassem-Zadeh, S., Vidovic-Zdrilic, I., Komitas, K., Adameyko, I., Krivanek, J., Fu, A., Maye, P., Mina, M. Generation and Characterization of DSPP-Cerulean/DMP1-Cherry reporter mice. Genesis. Jul 4:e23324.
  • Krivanek, J., Adameyko, I., Fried, K. Heterogeneity and Developmental Connections between Cell Types Inhabiting Teeth. Front Physiol. Jun 7; 8:376.
  • Li, L., Newton, P. T., Bouderlique, T., Sejnohova, M., Zikmund, T., Kozhemyakina, E., Xie, M., Krivanek, J., Kaiser, J., Qian, H., Dyachuk, V., Lassar, A. B., Warman, M. L., Barenius, B., Adameyko, I., Chagin, A. S. Superficial cells are self-renewing chondrocyte progenitors, which form the articular cartilage in juvenile mice. FASEB J. Mar; 31(3):1067-1084.
  • Khatibi Shahidi, M.*, Krivanek, J.*, Kaukua, N., Ernfors, P., Hladik, L, Kostal, V., Masich, S., Hampl, A., Chubanov, V., Gudermann, T., Romanov, R. A., Harkany, T., Adameyko, I., Fried, K. Three-dimensional Imaging Reveals New Compartments and Structural Adaptations in Odontoblasts. J Dent Res. 2015 Jul; 94(7):945-54. doi: 10.1177/0022034515580796. Epub 2015 Apr 2.                               * Equally contributing authors
  • Vinarsky, V., Krivanek, J., Rankel, L., Nahacka, Z., Barta, T., Jaros, J., Andera, L., Hampl, A. Human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells express TRAIL receptors and can be sensitized to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Stem Cells Dev.22 (22): 2964-74.


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