November 2, 2016

Zuzana Koledová Team

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Mgr. Zuzana Koledová, Ph.D.


zkPhone: +420 549 49 3549


Brief CV

Since 2013          post-doc/junior group leader at Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine, Brno, CZ

2011-2013           post-doc at The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)

2010                      Ph.D. from Palacky University, Faculty of Medicine, Olomouc, CZ

Research Interests

We are interested in the regulation of mammary gland and lung development. We investigate the mechanisms of epithelial morphogenesis and their regulation by cellular signalling networks and by stromal microenvironment. Our ultimate research goal is to understand, how organs are formed and how tumours emerge.

To this end, we use advanced 3D cell culture models (organoids) combined with state-of-the-art imaging techniques and mouse models.

Our current main research topics are:

  1. Regulation of mammary epithelial branched pattern formation by fibroblast growth factor (FGF) signalling.
  2. The role of fibroblasts in mammary epithelial branching morphogenesis.
  3. The role of FGF signalling in lung development.



Selected Publications


Koledova Z, Howard BA, Englund J, Bach K, Bentires-Alj M, Gonzalez-Suarez E: European Network of Breast Development and Cancer turned 10 years: a growing family of mammary gland researchers. Breast Cancer Res. 2018;20(1):102.

Garlikova Z, Silva AC, Rabata A, Potesil D, Ihnatova I, Dumkova J, Koledova Z, Zdrahal Z, Vinarsky V, Hampl A, Pinto-do-O P, Nascimento DS (2018) Generation of a Close-to-Native In Vitro System to Study Lung Cells-Extracellular Matrix Crosstalk. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2018;24(1):1-13.




Koledova Z (Ed.). 3D Cell Culture: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer, New York. ISBN: 978-1-4939-7019-3.

Rabata A, Hampl A, Koledova Z: Lungosphere assay: 3D culture of lung epithelial stem/progenitor cells. In Z Koledova (Ed.) 3D Cell Culture: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1612. Springer, New York. pp. 149-165. ISBN: 978-1-4939-7019-3.

Koledova Z: 3D co-culture of mammary organoids with fibrospheres: A model for studying epithelial-stromal interactions during mammary branching morphogenesis. In Z Koledova (Ed.) 3D Cell Culture: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1612. Springer, New York. pp. 107-124. ISBN: 978-1-4939-7019-3.

Koledova Z: 3D Cell Culture: An Introduction. In Z Koledova (Ed.) 3D Cell Culture: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1612. Springer, New York. pp. 1-11. ISBN: 978-1-4939-7019-3.

Koledova Z, Lu P: A 3D organoid-fibroblast co-culture model for understanding microenvironmental role in epithelial branching morphogenesis. In M Finian, T Stein and J Howlin (Eds.) Mammary Gland Development: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1501. Springer, New York, pp. 217-231. ISBN: 978-1-4939-6473-4.


Koledova Z, Zhang X, Streuli C, Clarke RB, Klein OD, Werb Z, Lu P (2016) SPRY1 Regulates Mammary Epithelial Morphogenesis by Modulating EGFR-dependent Stromal Paracrine Signaling and ECM Remodeling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113(39):E5731-5740.


Zhang X, Martinez D, Koledova Z, Qiao G, Streuli CH, Lu P (2014) FGF ligands of the postnatal mammary stroma regulate distinct aspects of epithelial morphogenesis. Development. 2014;141(17):3352-3362.


We are grateful for funding by: Czech Science Foundation (GAČR), Technology Agency of Czech Republic (TAČR), Masaryk University, Czech Bioimaging



Membership in Scientific Societies


Team members

PhD student: Anas Rabata

P-Pool student: Jakub Sumbal

Master students: Adriána Baloghová, Denisa Belisová

Alumni: Tereza Vránová, Júlia Mošková (Šmelková), Matěj Rádsetoulal



Anas Rabata: 1st place at “1st Stem Cell Biology Meeting” in Prušánky, CZ (poster).

Jakub Sumbal: 2nd place at “International Student Congress” in Graz, Austria (talk).

Jakub Sumbal: Amgen Scholars European Programme, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (summer research programme).

Jakub Sumbal: 2nd place at “Amgen Scholars Closing Ceremony” in Paris, France (poster).

Jakub Sumbal: 1st prize at “Visegrad Group Society for Developmental Biology: Inaugural Meeting” in Brno, CZ (talk, student section).

Jakub Sumbal: 1st prize at “XIX. Meeting of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists” in Brno, CZ (talk, student section).


Zuzana Koledová: 1st place at the “XVII. Interdisciplinary Meeting of Young Biologists, Biochemists and Chemists” in Milovy, CZ (talk, section Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).

Jakub Sumbal: 1st place at “The Biomania Student Scientific Meeting” in Brno, CZ (talk).


Anas Rabata: 2nd place at “Stem Cells and Cell therapy: From research to modern clinical application” (talk, Černá Hora, CZ)


  • Jiří Damborský – Loschmidt laboratories and Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, CZ
  • Jiří Kohoutek – Veterinary Research Institut, Brno, CZ
  • Giancarlo Forte – International Clinical Research Center, St. Anne’s Hospital, Brno, CZ
  • Edgar Benjamin Montufar Jimenez – CEITEC-Brno University of Technology, Brno, CZ
  • Michal Kozubek, Martin Maška – Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, CZ
  • Veronika Štěpánková, Barbara Hrdličková – Enantis Ltd., Brno
  • Alexander W. Bruce – Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, CZ
  • Han Li, Aurélie Chiche – Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
  • Thorarinn Gudjonsson – University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Europe-wide collaborations within ENBDC, including Robert Clarke from the University of Manchester, Manchester, UK; Mohammed Bentires-Alj from University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland


enantisScience Communication, Public Engagement

Mentoring of high school students (Secondary School Research): Anna Blahová, Eliška Jandová, Adam Pikna

Reports on our work – TV, press release






Vedkyňa SR chce v Brne posilniť výskum v oblasti vývojovej biológie



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Open Positions

We welcome enthusiastic students and scientists to join our team. Please, contact Zuzana Koledová to enquire on open positions:

PhD position: Cellular and signaling mechanisms of mammary branching morphogenesis: Implications in normal development and cancer

PhD position: Human lung stem cells: Function and regulation in physiology and pathology

Several Master, Bachelor and P-Pool student projects available!